Next Competition @ Sodwana: 23 - 27 March 2015          Next competition: 143 days

  Atlas Copco

Joy GLobal

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Competition Info

Teams Entered: 9

Boats: 9

Strandloper Teams: 0

Anglers: 42

Strandlopers: 0

Total People: 42

Competition Close

27 March 2015

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Myn Manne Marine Association

Latest news  

 19 August 2014 - AGM News 2014

Chris de Beer of WEGA THERMOFUSION Witbank hosted our AGM held at Witbank

1. 37 Members attended

2. After lengthly discussion the meeting voted to fish at Sodwana in 2015, some other     events were discussed, management must investigate and report back.

3. Our next outing will be 23 - 27 March 20105

4. Entries open on 1st September 2014


We appologize for being off the web the last 3 weeks, we change internet hosting.

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